Where's the Beef?

It’s Fake and It’s Processed

While I'm not a big beef eater myself, many of you love to sink your teeth into a juicy burger once in awhile, despite health warnings. So now we have companies looking to replicate a burger with non-meat ingredients.

While it may seem noble, both health wise and ethically, I don't think it's in your best interest to eat these products. Why?

Because I'm a real food nutrition coach, one who believes in eating pure unprocessed food.

Foodcompanies like Beyond Meat are selling fake burgers like hotcakes. They are highly processed and contain 5 times as much sodium as an unseasoned real burger.

So I say if you really want a burger, have one. Just not too often. And load it up with some veggies and skip the cheese. 
Read more about the 22 ingredients in Beyond Meat burgers if you're not convinced.

Contact me if you are throwing your hands up wondering what are the right choices and what’s just plain marketing.