Why Omega 3s Are Important

What Are Omega 3s?

Omega-3s are fatty acids that have significant beneficial effects on health. Specific omega-3s like EPA and DHA have been shown to support healthy brain and cardiovascular function. Fish oil supplements provide omega-3s like EPA and DHA.

What Are Those Specific Ways Omega 3s Support Health?

  1. Brain development and cognitive function 
  2. Eye health
  3. Joint health
  4. Immune response
  5. Heart health
  6. Mood boosting
  7. Triglyceride support

That's a lot of benefit from a single source.  If you are eating a diet rich in omega 3's, you are eating wild salmon, maker, herring, oysters, anchovies, flaxseeds, walnuts and soybeans. The fish choices contain EPA DHA omega 3's, where the flaxseeds, walnuts and soybeans contain ALA omega 3's. All are excellent nutrients. 

A Good Supplement Source

It may be that you don't care for many of the foods listed above, or you don't eat them regularly. If that is the case, choosing a high quality supplement is a wise alternative,  It is always important to buy supplements from a company with a solid reputation that is verified by outside standards. Metagenics is the company I choose to recommend. You can see how they are evaluated by outside agencies in this link

Liquid or Gel Cap?

My personal experience is that liquid fish oil is more effective than gel caps.  When you are looking for ultimate absorption, it is best to avoid external barriers to the supplement like glycerin caps. It's simply easier for the nutrient to be absorbed.  I have been using the EPA-DHA 1200 liquid fish oil for several years and feel it benefits my large joints and my lipid levels. I also include fatty fish and walnuts in my diet on a regular basis.