Simple Summer Meals

If you are an outdoor person like me, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the summer.  Even so, you know you need some fuel to get through the day, or you'll be looking for a handful of nachos and cheese to hold you over. 

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To make things easy, you'll see a description of some breakfasts and some lunches along with a photograph.  Choose what you like and pass on the rest. These are so simple all it takes is the ingredients and quick assembly.  

Eggs, Vegetables & Toast

eggs avocado toast.jpg

Chop spinach or kale and place in sauce pan or on a stovetop grill with olive oil. Add mushrooms and chopped onion.  Whip up 1 or 2 pasture raised eggs and place on grill, folding vegetables onto eggs when done. Season with salt and pepper.  Toast 1 slice whole grain bread and spread with fresh avocado. 

shredded wheat.jpg

Shredded Wheat

Crush up 1 square of shredded wheat, no sugar added.  Add 1 cup blueberries or other fruit, 1/2 banana and a handful of walnuts. Moisten with almond milk or milk of your choice. 

eggs, peaches.jpg

Eggs, Vegetables & Fruit

Whip up 1 or 2 pasture raised eggs,, set aside.  Heat up a stovetop grill or skillet; with small amount of oil. Salute chopped spinach, green onions and tomato.  Add egg and fold over vegetables.  Add one sliced peach. 

salad with pesto.jpg





Start with salad greens and add all the summer veggies you might have.  Add a small sliced avocado. Top off with a scoop of fresh pesto instead of salad dressing. 



Summer Tuna Salad

Another summer salad might have chopped tuna as the centerpiece, or sliced steak tips or chicken or tofu.  Dressing should be used sparingly.  Combine 2 parts olive oil, 1 part vinegar and a squeeze of lemon with herbs,.  


Eating well doesn't need to be complicated. When you keep it simple and have ingredients on hand, it is easy to eat well.  

If you need help on putting together shopping lists or mea planning, be in touch and I will help you.