12 Breakfast Ideas for You

Do you run out of breakfast ideas or find you get bored with the same old thing? Don't fall into the bagel/muffin trap!  Instead, keep this list handy and mix it up to your liking.  On the Go Ideas:

Whole Grain bread

On the Go Breakfast

hard boiled egg, a slice of avocado and an orange, apple, or pear

Ezekiel bread with avocado,sliced cucumbers and lettuce sandwich

Ezekiel bread with peanut butter, cucumbers and lettuce

Greek yogurt, walnuts or almonds and fresh fruit slices

At the Breakfast Table

frittata - sauteed mushrooms, onions, red pepper or tomato, kale and eggs

Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries, banana and raw millet

Uncle Sam Original whole wheat berry flakes + flaxseed with banana and walnuts

1/4 cup Bob's Red Mill pancake mix, egg, milk and 1 T. coconut oil, for dipping sliced apples and cooking on a griddle (apple fritters)

poached egg with slice of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter or avocado

grilled tomatoes on Ezekiel toast with pesto

Bob's Red Mill whole oats with cinnamon, walnuts and banana or blueberries


any combination of berries and vegetables with a scoop of protein powder, chia or flaxseeds and water or pure almond milk   (Nutribullet works well on emulsifying)

That's 12 breakfast ideas for you.  You might look at some of my suggestions and spin off variations that you like even more, With breakfast being the fuel that gets your metabolism working and giving you the energy you need, make sure you have a good one every day. 

ps. Once in a blue moon, every couple of months or so, I'll stop by a really good bakery for example, and have a high quality totally delicious scone or croissant. Yum!