Spring Cleanse Is Coming!

Spring Cleanse  

Total Transformation – Total Support

Begins on Monday April 4, 2016 

It’s time to clear out the winter sludge and get your body ready to spring into action.  With a spring cleanse, you gently transition your diet from one that keeps you warm in winter to one that nourishes your muscles and tendons and gets you ready for a more active lifestyle. With A Wellness and You cleanse, there are no fad diets or extreme colon cleanses.  It's a combination of food and self-care techniques with proven results. 

What Is It? 

14 days of super self-care with your exquisite nourishment as the central theme!         I would like to invite you to experience the best you can be!

In 14 days you will  reset your digestive system with cleansing foods that rid you of cravings and promote regularity.  See how it feels to gently detoxify your body, ridding your body of toxins that weigh you down. 

       Here’s what you get:

  •          a cool self-assessment tool to help you see where you need to focus
  •          exclusive access to the 14-day cleanse support community where you can                      buddy up and cheer each other on
  •          simple to make recipes and menu ideas specific to cleansing
  •          personal email support from me
  •          an awesome visualization video to motivate and guide you every day
  •          daily meal planning guide with nutritious, whole-food options
  •          goal setting activities
  •          self-care tips and tool
  •          free bonus-gift

Here’s what past cleansers say about the Spring Cleanse:

“I was interested in achieving two things: 1) reduction in that sensation of constant bloating, and 2) lose a bit of weight. What I didn't anticipate was a complete transformation in the way I feel, and continue to feel weeks after the official end of the cleanse.” Mary Beth S.

As a Type II diabetic I am always trying to eat well and am very interested in nutrition.  I have never been overweight but do love my sugar and I have found the cleanses are very helpful on keeping me on track and staying away from sugar.  My long-term goal is to get off all diabetic medications and control my diabetes with diet and I am one Dr. appointment away from achieving that goal!”  Melissa

I learned a lot about myself. Most of the time, I run on empty and I found that the emptier I am, the less I eat, the less I do and the less well I feel. Pretty good lesson for eating well, resting, moving and positive thinking!?  Thanks for everything, Peg. you continue to amaze me with your positive outlook and messages!”  Sandy O. 

More energy? “ Absolutely! When on the cleanse, I wake up before my alarm and am ready to welcome the day.”  M.K.

Pleasant Cleansing Surprises

When you follow the cleanse protocol you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you feel better.  You’ll take a break from the inflammatory foods that are so much a part of the typical American diet and the effect will be very positive. I will show you how to reduce painful inflammation and introduce all sorts of self-care techniques into your daily life. 

You’ll also learn:

    •    Simple tools to release toxins

    •    How to eat in sync with the season

    •    Which foods to emphasize in spring

    •    How to optimize weight loss through guided meditation

    •    How nourishment is holistic

    •    How to eat on the go

    •    How a cleanse can set the tone for lasting changes

The cleanse is designed to give your body the most nutrient dense foods while revitalizing your digestive system. This is the magic potion for both energizing you and releasing unwanted pounds if you have them.

Are you ready?

The cost for this year's Spring Cleanse is only $47 including your bous gift.  Don't wait.  

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