Stress is your body and mind response to stimulation.  In small doses it keeps your body responsive and your thinking sharp.

Problems arise when you experience multiple simultaneous or chronic stressors and you lack the tools to mitigate the effects.  Results vary from irritability, sleeplessness, headache, digestive upset, heart palpitations, back pain and headache. 

Some key tips for mitigating stress:

1.  Identify stressors you can eliminate from your life through behavioral changes and take steps to do so

2. identify stressors that are situational that you must cope with and find support through family or community assistance 

3. do the basics of self-care consistently:  rest, exercise in enjoyable ways and eat simple home cooked whole foods

4. develop a meditation practice, using silent or guided meditation

An example of a guided meditation is my recording Stress Management: Meditation & Affirmation which is available on Health Journeys in CD and mp3 formats.