Immune Building Soup

Celebrated chef Ming Tsai of Wellesley MA Blue Ginger fame shared a soup recipe that he feeds his family every winter to build immunity and he swears by its effectiveness.  Instead of reaching for tissues and cough medications, have this on a regular basis and see what happens. Share your results in the comments section below.

chop one jalapeño pepper                         heat grapeseed oil in stock pot          add pepper

1 T. chopped garlic                                     add 1 package of chopped mushroom caps

1 T. chopped ginger                                    bunch of chopped scallions

cook down with 1 qt. low sodium chicken broth for about 20 minutes

add 1 cup shredded carrots                        juice of 1 lemon (for sour)  

1/2 package sliced silken tofu                     lemon zest

cook 1-2 minutes longer

low fat and balanced carbohydratesand protein