Stracciatella Recipe

Stracciatella  is also called Roman Ragged Egg Drop Chicken Soup.

This is what to eat when you just don’t know what to eat.  It happens when you’ve eaten everything under the sun over the holidays or other special occasion. It’s a nice break from sweet stuff!  I love it when I need something satisfying, grounding and simple, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner


6 c. low sodium chicken stock                                   3 eggs – whisked

3 T. small bowtie whole wheat pasta                         1 T. finely chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

3 T. grated Parmigiani Reggiano cheese                    Pinch of nutmeg        

S&P to taste

Reserve 1 c. chicken stock. Heat remaining 5 cups to a boil, add pasta and follow cooking time on box.

Addthe eggs, cheese, parsley and nutmeg to the reserved stock;  whisk until blended.

Whisk egg mixture into the pot;  reduce heat to low.

Continue gentle whisking 2-3 minutes. Eggs should look like rags or the consistency of eggs in Chinese egg drop soup.

Adjust salt and pepper to taste.  Serve immediately.

This is also a good choice for a first meal after having an upset stomach.