Is Your Health Eroding at Mid-Life? Get Back On Track

In your early years, it's easy for most of us to slip along with minimal attention to healthy eating, exercise and stress management. But come the late forties or early fifties, the reserves we have depended upon are gone. The bucket is empty.  This is particularly true if you have multiple demands on your time - a challenging career, raising a family, meeting financial challenges, and perhaps caring for elders. Replenishing your energy at mid-life on a continuing basis is essential. You must fill up that empty bucket if you want to avoid illness and maintain your appearance, your focus  and your energy level. 

The first place to start is with your food.  Food literally becomes you. It becomes your cells, your skin, your hair, your organs, your mood, your thought process and your immune system.  Food is medicine. 

Midlife Nutrition

Here are 5 simple steps for changing your food and improving your health:

1. Look at what you are eating.  Is it fresh whole food, or is it highly processed? Is it something you cook or is it something you bought prepared? It makes a difference

2. Eat a breakfast of simple whole foods and experiment with food combinations to see which gives you the most energy

3. Be conscious of what you are eating and stop when you have had enough

4. Avoid extreme hunger. It's very difficult to make good choices when you are hungry. 

5. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. Sleep is the time your body repairs itself and it cannot do it as well if it requires energy to digest your food.  It will also prevent reflux. 

Does this sound difficult? If so, your habits and self-care are in need of immediate attention.  These are very basic approaches to nutritional wellness. It's time to take action if these steps are not a part of your daily routine. 

Modern medicine has been quite effective in prolonging life.  The question is:  What quality of life do you envision for yourself?  What if you could thrive in your later years without medications or limitations?  How would that affect you emotionally? Financially? Restoring quality midlife nutrition is essential if you want to age well.