Why Hiring a Health Coach Makes Sense

Have you been on many diets through the years, only to lose weight temporarily and then gain it back?  

It is easy to fall off the self-care tracks when you have no support. 

Successful Health Coaching

Wellness and You has been working for more than 16 years to help you find your way to a healthy balanced way of eating that will take your attention away from the scale and the calorie count and show you how to make simple healthy eating a way of life. 

The reason our program works so well is that we provide healthy lifestyle skills, resources and coaching that individuals need to reach their weight loss and health goals. 

Wellness and You health coaching begins with food. We load up on fruits and vegetables that you like and then look at rounding out your unique nutrition needs. You may do well with meat, or not so much.  The same is true for dairy, nuts, and seeds, so we look at what works and energizes you and keeps you from feeling hungry. Your needs may change from one season to another and may vary by your level of activity, your medical challenges and even by your age. 

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is highly personal.  We look at your food, but also your lifestyle.  Is it stressful and hurried? Is it filled with social events that influence your eating> What and how you eat mirrors your lifestyle. Working with  coach can help you strategize and adjust the parts that interfere with your self care. 

One client described the experience as "working with my food shrink". Another said it’s the first place where she felt free to be honest about her behaviors and that gave her more room to be honest with herself in a productive way. 

Most important to remember: coaching is not dieting.  It is a chance to have individualized support to strategize and build new ways to health and wellness. 

If you have been through the diet mill over and over with the same disappointing results, maybe it’s time for you to schedule a complimentary health consultation where you can discover if the coaching experience is your missing key to success. 

Could one conversation change your life? Schedule your consultation and see.