Cleanse | Westwood MA | Wellness and You

Cleansers can provide the best feedback on what it’s like to do the Wellness and You Autumn Cleanse.

Here are a few of their comments:

Sandy: I did find the format to be workable and very informative. I  love the group energy. . Even though I did not speak, I loved hearing what everyone else said and I think there is an infinite benefit to team work and encouragement. Your recipes are yummy and I love the way you encourage to try variations. Overall I loved participating in the cleanse!

Karen: "I was eating poorly (before the Cleanse) and I lost 6 1/2 pounds since the cleanse.  I am adding in a few things and since I have really enjoyed eating more natural hope to lose more before Christmas.  Thank you, "

Melissa : "I'm taking this as an opportunity for more self-care.  My schedule is always packed, so this was the perfect "excuse" to say NO to a lot of plans, hide away in my apartment and focus on me." 

Angie: The cleanse came at the right time for me with self care and healthy eating.  My biggest challenge is always trying to stick to the plan when I'm at a social event. The first Sunday of the cleanse, we went on a Patriot's tail gate party bus and spent the afternoon. I brought my"sweet potato fries " and salad and did pretty well .The next day I was back on the plan and felt better. I drink hot teas and have been trying new ones.

As you can see it’s not complicated. And it yields results. For more information follow this link