A Better Coffee Maker

Recently someone reached out to me and invited me to try one of their environmentally friendly products. I had a choice of pet or human, and since I don’t have a pet, I opted for a human coffee press.

It’s called Big Fish, and the press sort of looks like a fish.

The container is tempered glass and it keeps my coffee hot if I don’t pour it into a mug right away, yet it isn’t hot to the touch.

I’d been using a Keurig with a refillable capsule, but now I just use my Big Fish for my morning coffee.

It’s very easy to use and to clean up. I put 1-2 teaspoons of organic decaf into the jar, add boiling water and press the ‘fish’ down. It holds the grounds at the bottom and I pour the coffee into my mug. Then I remove the fish and wash the container out. The silicone base keeps the glass from breaking on my granite counters.

The company has several interesting products including mugs and travel mugs, cold containers and pet products. Take a look at highwave.com

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review. It is based on my own impression. I did receive the press to try it out and review it.