2019 Post Holiday Cleanse Starts on January 5th

Most of my LinkedIn corporate wellness connections contact me for speaking on lifelong wellness.  A small sampling of the work that can be done successfully in a shoirt period of time is my annual Post-Holiday Cleanse.  It’s designed to recalibrate appetite, sleep patterns and blood sugar after weeks of holiday celebrations.  

Here’s what past participants say about the week long experience that begins this Saturday, January 5th.

Thank you for leading the journey! I made the apple and sweet potato soup yesterday and love it! I am looking forward to warm bowl for lunch. I am sipping my second cup this morning of warm water with lemon. One day and I am feeling better already”
— Linda
“Have tried multiple variations of hot water...with lemon, with ginger, with cinnamon, etc. I’m feeling a lot less bloated”
— Barbara

This one week program begins with a recorded phone call on Saturday. You’ll receive shopping, menu and recipe suggestions to make it easy, along with lifestlye suggestions that will get you feeling great.  Typical results are less bloating, significant reduction in sugar cravings, weight loss, improved sleep and energy. 

Skip the dieting this year and reset your body with good clean food and a successful program.  This program gives you daily support and truly delivers on its promise.

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