Cold Season


If sniffles and sneezes are finding their way into your home, here are some quick remedies that may shorten their stay::

  1. Zinc lozenges. Let them dissolve completely in your mouth so your throat and saliva get a thorough cleansing from them. No more than 8 lozenges for the first couple of days.

  2. Garlic. You can use supplements or even better, have a few servings of chicken soup with garlic

  3. Vitamin D supplement. Not just the sunshine vitamin, this is a great immune booster. Make sure you have it daily. I take a liquid form.

  4. Cimetidine. Typically used for heartburn, it has potent immune building properties. Over the counter in the pharmacy

  5. Rest. Yes, very important. That’s how our bodies repair themselves.

  6. Water. The purest medicine of all, water will flush out your system and keep your body hydrated.