No Time to Make Breakfast? Read These Tips

There are many things one can do first thing in the morning that keep you from having a good breakfast.

Here are just a few:



  • hitting the snooze alarm
  • making lunches
  • going for a run/walk
  • not hungry
  • rushing


Why Breakfast Is Important

In keeping with the bullet format, check these reasons out:

  •   breakfast starts your metabolic engine, that mechanism that burns energy
  •   a good breakfast keeps you from eating a muffin on the way to work
  •   eating meals is the surest way to avoid weight gain and poor nutrition
  •   if you have kids at home, you’re setting a good example

Ways to Make Breakfast Happen for You

You need knowledge on best food choices.  Start here and amend as needed

    • Protein and complex carbs both matter
    • Protein = nuts, beans, eggs, plain yogurt
    • Complex carbs = whole oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain toast, vegetables, fruit    

You also need a strategy

Once you have the food list, you need to get things in place so it’s quick and easy

    • Cook up a few portions of whole oats in a slow cooker with nuts and cinnamon; add  fresh fruit when serving
    • Chop veggies ahead of time that you plan to use with an omelet or with rice and beans
    • Hard boil eggs ahead of time to eat with salad greens 

Overcoming Other Obstacles

Remember those obstacles we listed at the beginning of the post?  Try this:

kitchen organize.jpg
    • go to bed earlier and stop hitting the snooze alarm; get up right when it rings
    • make lunches at night - it’s as much a relief as knowing what you’ll wear the next day
    • keep up your morning run/walk - getting up earlier and having lunches made makes time for it
    • stop eating no later than 7 pm - you’ll be hungry in the morning
    • all this organization will stop you from rushing

Does this help?  What steps will you put into place?  Share your brilliance in the comments below. 

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