Healthy Snacks for Kids

How Can I Develop Healthy Eating Habits in My Kids?

This question comes up when talking to any parent of young children.  There is so much sugar around, and once children acquire a taste for it, that becomes the go-to snack.  

Here are some easy to prepare healthy alternatives for kids that are sure to please:

Hummus and carrots - an old stand-by.  The colorful and crunchy carrots make this an easy winner. 

Lazy Susan surprise - purchase a Lazy Susan with a cover. Fill each compartment with finger foods like almonds, raisins, celery sticks, broccoli florets, carrots and dips of peanut butter, almond butter, hummus and tzatziki. There's sure to be something to please, and the element of surprise, not knowing what's under cover until snack time, makes it all them ore intriguing. 

Children have little tummies so many of them cannot eat enough to sustain them at 3 meals. If you avoid pushing them to eat m ore at their meals (finish your supper or you can't leave the table) they will become more attuned to their true appetite and learn to eat only when they are hungry.  This is a key element in preventing overeating and developing obesity.