Health Coaching Is Holistic

What is Health Coaching Anyway?

You've probably heard the term "holistic" applied to many areas of health and well being.  I use it to describe health coaching  because when I work with someone on weight loss, it is never just about food, or the scale, or calories. 

A young woman was interviewed by Boston Magazine and I think she said it best. She said: “It’s an all-around lifestyle change. It can’t just be changing exercise or eating,  It has to be changing everything: your happiness, what you’re doing, who you’re surrounding yourself with, what you do for fun, and the people that you’re with on a daily basis.”

Start with Healthy Eating

As a Health Coach I've found that starting a life change that involves weight loss is most successful when you start with healthy eating.  Changing your food for the better will trigger weight loss and will also give you more energy and improve your mood. When these changes occur you have more clarity about what's working in your life and the drive to make needed changes to get you to a happier place. 

Staying Healthy

When you eat healthy, you get healthy.  The feeling that comes from that naturally motivates you into staying healthy.  Eating well feels good.

Simple start:  Buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables that you like. They are filling and full of nutrients that give you energy without weighing you down. Eat them raw or cooked.  Be mindful of the vast array of colors that fruits and vegetables send your way.  Taste them. Chew them. Know with every bite you are on your way to a healthier, happier life.