What Is Healthy Aging?

Do you wonder sometimes, what exactly does healthy aging mean?  Does it mean you look the same as you did when you were thirty, or forty?  Or does it mean that you are vibrant and free of limitations that get in the way of your enjoying your life? There is much discussion about aging given that the youngest Baby Boomers are turning 51 this year.  

Healthy Aging

Realistically, healthy aging does mot mean that at age 60 or 70 you will look like you did when you were 30 or 40 any more than a 20 year old looks like she did when she was 10.  Aging is transformative, and owning the age you are can be quite liberating in this age-obsessed culture we live in.  

What healthy aging really is about is the preservation and care of the body, mind and spirit so that you avoid disease and disability.  Despite best efforts it is not possible for everyone to remain healthy, but if you are over 50 and have been spared from serious illness, the lifestyle choices you make going forward will be a major factor in your health future.

Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness

Here are the key steps for keeping you well as you age:

1. Eat simple whole foods

2. Manage your stress

3. Move your body

4. Get adequate rest

5. Connect often with people you care about

6. Find purpose in your life

7. Express gratitude

Don't Give Up

If you have been touched by illness, the tips listed above are for you too.  Your body is constantly shedding cells and growing new ones; when you follow the simple steps you will be giving your body vital support for recovery. 

You may decide you need support. Mary came to me after being treated for endometrial cancer. She believed that her diet wasn't helpful to her recovery and asked for suggestions for building a stronger immune system.  As we worked together, Mary discovered that the bloating and gas she'd been experiencing for years no longer bothered her.  Eating well transformed Mary in that she felt better, lost weight and had a more positive outlook on her future.  

This can be your story too.  I am here to help.