Lovely Ladies | Wellness and You

These lovely ladies bonded quickly in our recent Lifelong Wellness after 50 program. We quickly learned the issues of important with regard to growing older were common to all of us.

How do we stay healthy?

What is a healthy eating plan? Can I make healthy meals on a budget?

What are the best exercises?

How do we manage stress? Loneliness?

Having community as we navigate the older years is essential. It was organic in prior generations, with families and neighbors staying in the same place throughout their lives. Today’s families are smaller and busier and have less time to connect with their older neighbors and relatives. It’s a different world and requires new thinking and new actions to stay vital and happy.

These women shared many creative ideas for engaging with others and building new experiences into their lives. The program was initially set for 4 meetings. The group has already asked for more.