Fall in Love with Cooking

Lately I’ve seen many people who say they know the value of home cooking but have been away from it, or never experienced it, so they aren’t really sure they can cook.

I say cooking is simple, when you have fresh ingredients, a nice sharp knife for chopping, and a bunch of fresh herbs and garlic releasing their enzymes, not to mention the sweet aromas bursting forth in your kitchen.

One of my favorite chefs is Dave Becker, owner of Sweet Basil in Needham, Massachusetts. I smiled when I read a piece in his cookbook named after his restaurant. He said:

ignore all conventions
practice, practice, practice
cook from the heart
don’t be afraid to take chances
the higher the quality and the fresher the ingredients, the tastier the results
have fun, cook for people you love
— Dave Becker, Chef
garlic onions.jpg

To the I would add:

don’t get hung up on ingredients; if you don’t have one, try a new one
repeat your favorite recipes til you make them by heart
appreciate the farmer who grew them for you
invest in the kitchen tools that make cooking fun
include family members and friends in the cooking process
savor, savor, savor