Flying in Flu Season - And What You Should Know


I was in 6 planes in 2 weeks in December, and after the 5th, I came down with a pretty bad cold.  It's not surprising with all that concentrated exposure, but now with flu season in full swing, it's really important to be vigilant and take preventive measures if you plan to be in the air.

Here's What I've Learned

  • prepare by getting rest and hydration; abstain from alcohol before and during your flight
  • load up on Vitamin C through fruits or a good supplement
  • get a window seat if possible - you'll be more removed from aisle traffic, sneezes and coughs
  • wipe down your tray table, your seat belt buckle and your armrests with an antibacterial wipe (your tray table is only cleaned once daily and can hold 12 x more bacteria than the toilet!)
  • bring your own snacks so yours won't have been touched by flight attendants or passengers
  • wash your hands frequently and be aware of what you're touching (luggage hold, seat backs, etc)
  • use a nasal spray to keep your nasal passages lubricated
  • use a cloth or glove when opening and closing bathroom door (avoid it altogether if you can)

Your Daily Self Care matters

While the flu is very contagious, it never hurts to do all you can to stay well through your day to day actions.  It can make you less susceptible when you do. 

Here's what I recommend:

Now It's Time to Relax

Once you've taken all those prevention  steps, put on your headset and relax.  Stress is an immune inhibitor, so let go, do something relaxing and before you know it you'll be landing, just in time to give your hands a good thorough washing in the airport  rest room.  Just don't touch the door handle when you leave. (  :