Yoga for Lifelong Wellness

Do you ever notice how we carry ourselves?  For many reasons, one may walk with head held high, shoulders squared and a walk that speaks of confidence and agility.  Others are more hesitant, with shoulders slumped, head bent forward and an unsteady gait. 

If either of these describes your style of moving, both can benefit greatly from yoga.  Much of the way we carry ourselves comes not only from our physical ability but also from our state of mind about the self and our relation to the physical and spiritual world.  

If you can imagine the ideal body, it is one that moves with ease, with mind body and spirit intimately connected.  Yoga takes all of these elements and incorporates them into the practice. 

If you have some hesitation about practicing begin with a gentle easy practice that supports your increasing body awareness, balance and agility.  If you want to practice at home,  I recommend  a beautiful program developed by Margaret Manning's team .  Head on over and take a look. This yoga series was developed especially for those over age 60, but I also think it's perfect for all beginners.