Breast Health Month

Cancer or Health - What's Your Focus?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US.  I’d like to change that name to something more actionable and say October is Breast Health Month.  Too much of our culture is laced with fear - health, finances, terror, even the weather. Creating a subtle shift from a focus on breast cancer to a focus on breast health can easily set you into actions that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you have been blessed with healthy breasts or you’ve been touched by breast cancer, there is much you can do to build your health and resistance to disease. 

Fear is a Stressor

When you think about cancer, or running out of money, or terrorist acts, or hurricanes, your body likely reacts by releasing stress hormones.  Those hormones present special challenges to your well-being. In symbolic terms, those stress hormones are released because they think you should be running or fighting something.  When this mechanism becomes chronic from worrying about all sorts of things, you can become exhausted and more prone to developing an illness. 

So let go of your stress. Recognize there are some things you have no control over, and worrying about them won't change anything.  With those things you do have control over, like too many things going on, take small steps to cut back and give yourself some down time. 

Healthy Breasts Need Healthy Food

In my book Food Becomes You, there are many practical approaches to eating well.  Eating well is not just for being a healthy weight, although that often is the initial driver for many of us.  We know eating quality food lessens cravings for sweets.  As those cravings lessen,  you will begin to see that you don't really want the junk so much because you are feeling better.

Foods that support breast health:

cabbage, kale, turnip lower risk for breast cancer in women with GSPT gene* 

Mushrooms - daily consumption reduces risk for breast cancer by 64%

Mushrooms and green tea in combination reduces risk by 89%

Dr Joel Fuhrman

Research also shows benefits in eating dark green, orange and red vegetables daily

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has additional recommendations which you can find on this link

Focus on Health not Illness

It is a subtle but powerful shift when you move your focus from illness to health.  Try it. A focus on health will drive you toward better self-care and respect for your body and your future.