Conference Titles & Content Description

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Change Your Food - Change Your Life

Participants will learn how simple changes in food improved the health of individuals who were overweight, had digestive issues, elevated cholesterol, etc., without expensive medications or difficult restrictive diets. 

Increase Focus & Productivity

In this program we make the link between energized well nourished individuals and how this improves focus and productivity. 

Healthy Eating in Your Busy Life

Program shows how healthy eating prevents down-time and provides energy to get the job done. Includes practical techniques for eating well while in the office, at home or wile traveling. 

Overcoming the 3 O’Clock Slump

Late afternoon is often the time when workers go to the vending machine to access a quick energy fix.  Participants learn how to prevent the slump and by understanding the critical nutrients needed through the day to stay energized. 

Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness

his program debunks the notion that it is normal to have aches and pains and chronic illness as we age.  Inspirational stories and incentives for why it pays financially, socially and emotionally  to be pro-active in preserving and improving health, leading to a long life and a short end-of-life illness.