Shiatsu Acupressure

Shiatsu acupressure

Shiatsu corrects a variety of ailments by balancing the flow of energy through the meridian system of the body. Based on the same principles as acupuncture, shiatsu consists of a series of gentle stretching, palming and thumbing techniques. There are no needles. Recipients of shiatsu wear light clothing and shiatsu is performed on a futon or on a massage table.

What conditions can be improved or corrected by Shiatsu?

  • shiatsu for tonifying the immune system

  • shiatsu for fibromyalgia

  • shiatsu for migraine

  • shiatsu for general well being

  • shiatsu for neck and back pain

  • shiatsu for stress and anxiety

How else does Shiatsu help? Shiatsu assists your internal energy system in restoring itself to mind and body balance. This in turn supports the vital organs, muscles and tissues.  Regularly scheduled sessions support the immune system and your general sense of well-being.

Clients say:  

“Peg Doyle's shiatsu therapy gives me one hour of sanctuary and peace. I've been seeing Peg once monthly for years now and consider it a valuable part of my health care regimen.  I highly recommend this therapy."  Devon Kinkead

"Shiatsu gave me freedom from pain.” M.G., age 45

"Regular shiatsu treatments gave me a renewed awareness of myself."  B.A., age 53 

"Combining shiatsu and Reiki therapy in between my chemotherapy treatments restored my energy. I can feel it while I'm on the table."  anonymous