Your Nutrition Blueprint

I am excited to announce a brand new program called Your Nutrition Blueprint  This is a 10 week small group coaching program that will be strictly limited in the number of participants.  Why?  Because in addition to my creating a Nutrition Blueprint for you that really works, you and a small select group will have your personal needs around nutrition and lifestyle addressed.  You may be a stress eater. Someone else in the group may be a sugar addict. Another may have limited cooking skills.  Or a crazy busy schedule. Or a health crisis. Or or or..... 

Whatever your challenge, a nutrition blueprint is essential if you want to change the way you eat and care for yourself. The blueprint will lay out the foundation from which you build healthy habits.  Sound impossible?  I used to think it was, until I saw what a difference it made when I made my health and nutrition a priority.  My weakness has always been sugar.  I love it.  I also know today it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, so I appreciate why it is so hard to give up.  So I don’t give it up.  I have developed ways to manage it that I will share with you in my Nutrition Blueprint.   

Do you keep “trying” to eat well? Maintain or lose weight? Medicate your aches and pains?  One of the key steps to success is knowing you do not have to be perfect, but you can’t kid yourself by saying “I’m trying” when you’re really not. Think about that. With the blueprint we will go beyond trying and will form a plan of doing.

Intrigued?  More to follow….