It's Time

Intuitively women know that what we eat affects health, weight and energy.  Despite this, many obstacles, both practical and emotional, can interfere with follow through.  An innovative program 6 Weeks to Diet Freedom, is an online program with weekly coaching support that will help every woman overcome these hurdles. Find out how it can help you stop yo yo dieting and learn simple systems that yield lasting results. 

Will I Starve if I Cleanse?

Will I Starve if I Cleanse?

Have you thought about cleansing this Autumn?  Learn how the Wellness and You community uses a cleanse to prepare for the cooler months and activate our energy. You definitely won't starve. In fact, it might be the most nourishing 2 weeks you've had in a long time. 

6 Weeks and the Power of Food

When I learned that sugar was not my friend, I learned to eat in a better way that doesn't leave me hungry or feeling deprived. I've been teaching this technique to women for nearly 20 years.  Read more to see why it is not restrictive dieting, but simple healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle are the keys to vibrant health.