Is Nutrition Coaching Only for Weight Loss?

I get a lot of questions coming to me each week, and realized  that some of these are very common concerns. So every now and then I’ll share them with you,  taking care not to violate anyone’s privacy.

Does Wellness and You work only with people wanting to lose weight? I don’t have a weight problem but need help in making healthy choices.
— Anonymous

Today we all have access to so much information about food, but assimilating and integrating it into every day life is very difficult if you grew up on fast food or never saw how healthy food prep works.

Being a normal weight for your height is a good thing, but you also need to consider what’s going on inside your body. With a poor diet you may have inflammatory conditions like gum disease, acid reflux, headaches, constipation or fatigue.

When Nutrition Coaching Works

There are a number of factors that make nutrition coaching very successful and life-changing:

  1. you recognize your diet is poor and you are willing to make changes

  2. you care about yourself, or at least want to

  3. you are willing to buy, prepare and eat nutritious foods that you like

  4. you stop counting calories and shift your focus to nutrients

Download a Health History

A Health History is an inventory of your lifestyle. It gives you a chance to see the big picture - your sleep, relationships, work life, eating style, past health related events, and greatest concerns. I invite you to take your own inventory and see what comer sup for you. You can receive a free copy of this form by requesting it here.