Does Your Kitchen Work for You?

Does your kitchen work for you?  In my work I’ve been in several kitchens, so when I gutted the kitchen in my condominium I worked on making the layout ideal for me.  

If you want to enjoy cooking, you need to have a kitchen that makes meal prep easy. 


I viewed several magazine layouts, visited kitchen showrooms and talked with cooks and contractors.  Whether you are considering a major renovation or just want to shift items to more workable locations, I want to share my new setup with you and give you a peek at the results.


Kitchen flooring needs to be comfortable if you want to spend time cooking since most often you’re standing when you cook. I chose a vinyl wood plank that has a cushiony layer and is easily cleaned with a damp mop.


Being able to see ingredients and read recipes easily makes cooking a pleasure. To have optimal lighting, I had under cabinet lights installed along with recessed ceiling lights that are adjustable in intensity.


You can’t really do much food prep unless you have good counter space. Counters were installed between the refrigerator and gas stove with a long corner one between the stove and sink, and again from the  sink to a corner pantry. 


When buying my refrigerator, I opted for a freezer under. Most of what I use is fresh, so having that at eye level keeps me from growing unintended chemistry experiments in the fridge.

Grocery Storage

I planned my cabinets around grocery storage needs. If you’ve been wanting to improve your food choices, now is the time to buy quality foods while you stock your new cabinets.

I had a floor to ceiling pantry installed in the corner of the kitchen. One shelf holds my whole grains and nuts, another my oils and vinegars, and another holds broth, canned beans, and varieties of canned tomatoes.

One cabinet holds my teas and coffee, mugs, coffee and teas. The coffee/tea dispenser is on the counter right under that cabinet.  Dried herbs and spices? I lay them down in a drawer beside my stove for easy access when I’m cooking.


Many years ago I was at a friend’s home and noticed she had a large magnet mounted on the wall. It held her cutlery.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I went out and bought a magnet strip for my kitchen. It is really one of the most convenient items because a cutting knife is always within reach. 

Cooking Implements

I like to limit the number of cooking tools to what I actually use. I store my cookware in a lazy Susan to the right of the stove.

One drawer near the stove holds my glass storage bowls. Mixing bowls are on the top shelf of the pantry since I don’t bake very much any more. Another pantry shelf holds my blender, a Nutri- bullet emulsifier, a food processor and a hand held mixer.


My dishes are to the right of the stove, so if I’m not using serving dishes for guests, I can easily place my food right from pan to plate without moving very far.

So far, it’s working well for me, and I’m sure as time passes I’ll be making some adjustments, but for now it’s all good. 

Have you renovated or reworked your kitchen lately? If so, what do you especially like about your layout? Would you lay down floor mats near the sink and stove or leave it as is? Are there any feng shui elements I’m missing? All of your comments will be greatly appreciated.