Vacation Eating Tips

Vacations are meant to be enjoyable, and food is fairly central to that enjoyment.  When you visit a new part of the world it’s fun to taste the cuisine.  What can put a damper on the vacation experience is coming home with an extra 5 or 10 pounds.  But if you choose wisely, you can totally enjoy new flavors and dishes without gaining weight. 
Here’s how:


Take a good pair of walking shoes with you and whenever possible get a few miles of walking in every day.  It’s a great way to really see the local sites and you’ll burn off your occasional treats, which of course should be a part of any vacation.  

Ask the Locals

Whether it’s the concierge at your hotel, a tour guide or someone you meet in a shop, ask which local restaurants serve the healthiest food. Most are happy to share that information with you.  

Choose Veggies

Sometimes vegetables are not listed on menus because sadly, so few people eat them.  Since veggies are packed with nutrients and fiber, you want to always includes them in every meal, even breakfast.  Ask the server what vegetables they have in the kitchen and order the ones you like.

Hydrate with Water

Water is the best choice for a drink, especially if your travels include flying.  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water for variety and vitamin C

Eat Your Main Meal at Midday

Restaurants are most crowded in the evening.  If you eat your main meal at midday it will be more leisurely and you’ll have the rest of the day to burn itoff.   A light supper will make your sleep more restful.

Carry Healthy Snacks

If your energy starts to wane and it’s not time for a meal, a packet of almonds or walnuts can be very satisfying.  Or stop at a local vendor and pick up a piece of fresh fruit.  

These simple steps will keep you energized through your travels andtake you home feeling fit and trim.