Power of Community

The Power of Community

I've had some interesting conversations with women these last few days  about where and how they get support for their health.  One thing is for sure - women want to stay well as we age. (I suspect the same is true for men).  

In my book Food Becomes You I talk about my frustration with the general mindset that as we age we fall apart. That is not a given and the women I talk with don't believe it. The number does not tell the state of health. Lifestyle and attitude tell a more powerful story. 

When women gather in community and discuss attitudes about wellness, they look for ways to heal themselves and to care for themselves despite very busy lives.

In community we remember that the actions we take every day predict much of how we will feel in years to come. Community reminds us and supports us.  No wonder we seek it. 



What's your experience with women?


Have you been part of a group of women who came together to support one another? Mom's group? Knitters? Cancer recovery? Weight loss? Open discussion? Dinner group?  Fitness? 

Share your story in the comments section below.