Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain....

and still have fun! 

The average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  Join holistic nutritionist Peg Doyle to develop strategies for navigating holiday gatherings that keep you satisfied without widening your waistline. Food samples and recipes included. 

Holidays aren’t easy for everyone.  Weight gain can be the result of too much partying, too much isolation, or not enough mindfulness about the choices you are making. 

Follow these tips:

  • Identify where and when you’re likely to have the most trouble

  around the house

 in your office

 at social events

  • Practice self-care

    if holidays are hard for you, don’t push yourself

    don’t accept invitations to events you don’t want to attend

    get rest

    know you’re less susceptible to flu and colds if you limit your sugar and stress

  • spend time with people you enjoy
  • remind yourself of your blessings
  • don’t be perfect
  • use my 90/10 rule - 90% quality food in moderation, relax on the other 10%
  • have fun
  • laugh and love
  • most important :  eat your regular meals.  Start with some veggies as part of your breakfast if possible.