Can a Nutritional Cleanse Help?

A nutritional cleanse is a way to reset your digestive system through a specific way of eating for a period of time.  Cleansing has become quite popular in the United States, but much of it has roots in religious practices or adherence  to the principles of Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nutritional Cleanse Defined

A cleanse may be simply defined as a technique to cleanse your digestive system, which in turn may positively affect your other organ systems as well. More specifically, a cleanse may involve a specific food plan or it may be quite restrictive, limiting one to juicing or fasting to accomplish a goal. Restrictive cleansing should not be undertaken without supervision of a qualified practitioner who is aware of any health issues you may have. 

Wellness and You Nutritional Cleanse

At Wellness and You, we recommend and offer three nutritional cleanses each year.  The first is a Spring Cleanse, designed to transition from the warming, heavier foods of Winter to lighter high energy foods for the warmer seasons. It offers cleansing and resting support to the digestive system, including the liver and gall bladder and will offset some seasonal allergy triggers. 

As the cooler months of Autumn arrive, an Autumn cleanse will transition you from the cool, watery foods of summer toward the foods that are compatible with shorter days and frequent temperature fluctuations. 

The Winter cleanse, known as the Post-Holiday cleanse, is designed to help you detox from the sugar excesses that are part of the holiday season and to build a pattern of warm nourishing foods to insulate you from the cold weather and many seasonal viruses. 

All of the nutritional cleanses involve simple whole foods.  There are additional self-care steps undertaken in each program that raise mind/body awareness. 

Contact Wellness and You for Cleansing Schedule

The2019 Spring Cleanse begins on Saturday April 13.  Each of the three cleanses are scheduled about one month before the start date. Once you register you will receive a customized journal, recipes, an Ebook that takes you start to finish, and a package of goodies int he mail.  You can start on whatever day works best for you. All group cleanses are conducted online with daily inspirational emails coming your way. Contact Wellness and You for more information about cleansing and if it is right for you, or follow this link toregister now.