Get Ready for Spring This Way

Yes, getting ready for Spring now is important, even if you can't see over the snowbanks.  If you have had spring allergies in the past, you know they can be miserable.  Gloppy runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and so forth.  Well, how and what you eat in Winter has a direct effect on how poised your body will be susceptible to these Spring annoyances - or not. 

Oil and Water

A key factor in developing a mucous-y Spring is the degree of lubrication your nose, lungs and digestive tract might have.  When I work with clients, I am always asking what you eat. It's not just what you eat, but when you eat it, that matters.  Foods align with seasons, and when you eat in alignment, you give your body what it needs.  It's intuitive, but not always practiced because all foods are available at all times today due to globalization of the marketplace. 

Fats are Good

Yes, you need fats in the winter.  Fats have a natural oil in them, and that is vitally necessary in the Winter. We're dealing with dry heated homes and little moisture in the atmosphere. We're also dealing with cold, and fat is a natural insulator.  It's the kind of fats that matter most in keeping you healthy, and these include nuts, seeds, avocados and bone broths. 

Drink Your Water

While you may not feel thirsty in Winter, your body needs as much, if not more, hydration than it does in Summer. Again, the dry atmosphere is everywhere. See if you can make most of your water warm to hot by drinking herbal teas and hot water with lemon or grated ginger. Have soups and stews for more fluids.


A good indicator of whether you are drinking enough is the condition of your skin. The condition of your skin will be similar to your "inner skins" - nasal, digestive and lung linings, so if your outer skins dry, your inner skin likely is too, and this is what leads to inflammation and development of mucous. So drink your water and eat your good fat foods.