Why Is Food Such a Big Deal?

Why is food such a big deal?

Food is a constant in our lives.  What is problematic is we may eat too much of it, or eat the wrong foods for our body.  So how do we fix the problem?

  1. Recognize your pain points

  •     is weight a struggle for you?    
  •     do you have a chronic illness?
  •     do you have a host of minor illnesses - reddish skin, GERD, high blood pressure, etc
  •     are you constantly dragging yourself around, never feeling energized?
  •     are you irritable, anxious or depressed?

  2.  Respect the power of food


    Every 35 days, your skin replaces itself

    Your liver, in about a month

    Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat

    What you eat literally Becomes You



     What do you want to be made of?

Where to begin?  6 First Steps



   1.   Keep it simple - simple whole foods, that is.    

    Vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains, pasture raised eggs and meat with no         added hormones or antibiotics, nuts, seeds, clean water

 2.    Notice how your body feels when you eat any food. Simple foods are good foods, but not      always for everyone

3.   Eat enough but not too much

4.   Eat breakfast every day

5.   Move every day for 20-30 minutes 

6.    Relax when you eat and chew your food thoroughly

When you want to change habits, you will be most successful when you don’t overdo it.  An example is when you want to get more fit, you overdo it and do 45 pushups on your first time out. (Trust me, I know.)  

So I’ve given you health reasons that tell you something’s off with your food and 6 steps to make some changes that will help you feel better.  If all 6 steps are too many for you, choose 2 or 3 or 4 to start with.  Build from there. This is the holistic nutrition approach to changing your health. 

Choose foods that you like from the list I gave you.  If you don’t like lentils, eat brown rice. You have hundreds of vegetables to choose from so that should be easy. 

The Elephant in the Room


Maybe you know all this already but can’t seem to get any traction on making successful changes.  There may be an elephant in the room.  Yours may be a highly stressful life. It may be lonliness. Or an unsatisfying job.  Or another person who is draining you.

This is why getting your food right is so important.  When you have your food right you have more clarity and more energy to see what’s troubling you in your life and take steps to correct it. 

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