Lose Weight This Weekend


Working on weight loss?  Use your weekend to accelerate your goal. Here’s how:

Skip These Foods

Meat and dairy are foods that can add width to your waistline.  Skip both over the weekend.  If you’re going to a cookout, bring a lentil salad with you for protein and choose rated veggie kabobs instead of that hamburger. 


Make Up Some Fat-Burning Dishes

Did you know beans are great bely-fat burners?  Chloe the ones you like and mix them up into a salsa with organic corn, chopped onions and tomatoes.  Add some cilantro for extra zip and enjoy as one of your weekend veggie dishes. 


Extra Movement

You may have more time on the weekend to be more active.  Go for a swim, a bike ride, a hike or even an extra long walk. You’ll fee stronger and you’ll give yourself time in the great outdoors. 


Stress Recess

If your weekdays are super busy, you’ll be happy to know that lowering your stress will help regulate your metabolism.  You burn more of what you eat when your brain is free of stress and worry. Make sure you let go and relax. It will show in your energy level and on the scale. 


Simple steps like these will surely shave a few unwanted pounds and perk up your weekend energy.