Checklist for Curbing Sugar Cravings

It seems once the cravings start, they are hard to squelch.  

Here are some simple steps to stop sugar cravings

1. reduce or eliminate caffeine - the stimulant causes ups and downs and you end up looking for a sweet for the "downs"

2. hydrate - sweet cravings can be a sign of dehydration

3. eat sweet veggies and fruit

4 use gentle sweets - like maple syrup and honey - though I don't recommend them during the cleanse

5. get physical activity - balances blood sugar levels when you build gradually

6. more sleep and R&R - you know that one!

7. monitor your meat intake - too much can trigger cravings for sweets

8. eliminate fat free and low fat foods - that type of food usually has high levels of sugar to replace the fat

9. experiment with spices - a great way to get flavor without the sugar

10. slow down and see the sweetness around you - it doesn't always have to be food - hugs, time with friends, out in Nature - it's all pretty sweet.