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Do you want a speaker who can shatter old beliefs and paralyzing mindsets about health and lifelong wellness? Does your audience need to hear from someone who can help them close the gap in their minds concerning how they see themselves, their health and their future? Are you looking for an innovative, thought-provoking and interactive speaker who will engage and connect with your audience?


With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, and who will continue to do so until 2029, it is imperative that every organization does its best to promote health and wellness. Chronic illness is expensive, and with a burgeoning older population it places an excessive strain on the economic health of companies, families and government.  Peg Doyle’s presentations show there is a better way. 


Peg Doyle is an innovative, passionate and inspiring speaker and author. She guides audiences toward a mindset of lifelong wellness through story-telling that shows how most of us can reclaim our health and stay well through a series ofmanageable and easily understood steps. 

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“Wow!  Peg Doyle was amazing. She delivered just what we needed, in the way we needed, at the time we needed for our audience. Her real life stories were so inspiring I actually look forward to retiring, more than I did before her entertaining, insight filled presentation. 

I heard so many positive comments, Everyone would love to have her back so we can learn more about how the food we eat affects how long and how well we live. If you are looking for a speaker to hit a home run with your audience, Peg Doyle is the one!”            Scott Levinson, VP, Fidelity Investments


“Thank you, Peg.  Excellent presentation!”        Mike Thornton, Business ManagerDedham-Westwood Water District


“Peg Doyle has been a valued resource to Boston College employees for years. Peg is skillful, creative, and compassionate in supporting clients on issues of behavioral health. Peg’s seminars on integrated nutrition and balanced approaches to wellness have been well-attended. Peg regularly participates in the annual Faculty and Staff Health Fair to provide consultation on a range of wellness issues.”   Patricia Touzin, Director, Faculty/Staff Assistance Programs, Boston College

“On behalf of the Harvard Medical School Joint Committee on the Status of Women, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the “Assess Your Wellness” seminar you conducted. I’ll be in touch soon with regard to the full day Wellness Retreat and Workshop that we’d like to offer to the HMS community.”       Joe Bruno, Dean, Information Technology, Harvard Medical School



I’d say Peg could help anyone. She’s very intuitive and flexible as well as intelligent and well informed.  I was already in a mindset of wanting to change aspects of my life and that put me in a very open minded mode that worked well for us. Peg has provided me with a wealth of information and supported me to make changes to improve my life.”  Norma Chanis, MBA

“Working with Peg has greatly enhanced and solidified my foundation for life work and self care. Her presentation and knowledge of holistic health care applied to all aspects of life wrapped a beautiful ribbon around the parts and made me ever mindful of the whole.  If you are considering doing this work and are seeking a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate practitioner you will find these qualities in Peg.”   Barbara Allen

"Your six month program is great!  I've managed to make many lasting positive changes.  There were bad habits that I would never thought I would break.  There were harmful habits that I didn't even realize I was doing.  Thanks for helping me draw attention to areas I needed to focus on, and remove the obsessions that weren't helping me.  I appreciated that the entire program was at my pace - and that I never felt pressured or guilty (as I have experienced in other programs.) It was eye opening for me to learn that it isn't entirely about the food.  I love my new outlook the growth I continue to experience! Thank you!"  Sandy Carrigan



Check here for a list of workshops and presentations, or work with Peg to create your own  (link to a blog post or my one sheet)