Don't Gain Those 7 Pounds This Holiday Season!
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Don't Gain Those 7 Pounds This Holiday Season!

Avoid Weight Gain This Year

The holidays are around the corner. Are you stressed about doing what the average American does over the holidays - gain 7 pounds?  Yes, and that only brings you to the start of Winter! 

There Is Another Way

Well, I have a suggestion.  if you can join me by phone this Wednesday November 30th  at 8pm Eastern time, I will share with you all the tips I've used over the years in helping people put the brakes on holiday weight gain. 

The best news is these tips won’t be about depriving yourself.  They will be about nourishing yourself.  It's so much easier to pass on those treats when you aren't running on empty. 

You see, much of what goes wrong over the holidays falls into one of two categories:  either you overeat continuously because of all the holiday treats at home, at work and at events you attend, or you starve yourself early in the day thinking you’ll “conserve” your calories for later in the day.  Sound familiar?

Don’t do this to yourself this year!  Learn how you can enjoy the holidays and not go into January heavier and depressed.  

Wednesday,  November 30

8:00 PM EST

This call will be limited to the first 100 people who sign up, so don’t wait!  Once you register you can even send me your questions and I promise to answer as many as I can on the call.   Oh, and did I mention?

This call is absolutely FREE!

Don’t wait

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Reiki Training

In this class you will learn the history of Reiki, how it came to the West and how to be a compassionate caring practitioner. You will have ample opportunity to practice Reiki on yourself and others. 

Everyone who successfully completes the program receives a handbook of instructions and a certificate as a Reiki Level I Practitioner. Nurses receive continuing education credits. 

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