Are you living your best life now?  If not, chances are it’s time for a change in your food.  With a simple whole foods based approach, I make it easy for you to reach your full potential, no matter your age.  Age is not the cause of low energy and disease; poor nutrition and a stressed lifestyle cause disease.. 

In this 6 month program I take you step by step through a process to change your food for the better (we find foods that you like, by the way) and create a more vibrant and balanced lifestyle. 

results are what you want

“Peg Doyle is a caring, professional wellness coach, with years of experience. In our time together, she has not only taught me how to lose weight in a healthy way, but how to keep that weight off for the rest of my life. In addition to that expert nutritional counseling, Peg has shown me how to love, respect and care for my body in ways that support good health and ongoing wellness.
She is an incredible resource for anyone looking to live a healthier, happier life.”

— Wendy Leeds
Working with Peg has greatly enhanced and solidified my foundation for life work and self care. Her presentation and knowledge of holistic health care applied to all aspects of life wrapped a beautiful ribbon around the parts and made me ever mindful of the whole.  If you are considering doing this work and are seeking a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate practitioner you will find these qualities in Peg.
— Barbara Allen
I lost 30 pounds over the six months I worked with Peg.  Even more important, I learned how to eat healthy and it’s pretty easy. 
— Lynda B. , age 47
I feel so much healthier, my digestion is better and I’m making healthy choices. It’s a new lifestyle that suits me. I learned a lot and loved the books in Peg’s lending library. Now it’s not about weight - it’s about eating well and feeling good about myself.
— Joan R. RN, age 56

how do you envision your life?

You’ll live a long life. What do you want it to look like? Don’t be saddled with medications and illnesses. Be pro-active and vital. 

Start with a complimentary personal consultation in person or by phone and see if devoting 6 months to your future is worth it. 


This online  course gives you the opportunity to get personalized support and mentoring from me along with the enthusiasm and commitment of other women just like you who are working toward the same goal - consistent self-care and an end to dieting. 

 Commit to making 2018 the year you become a healthier more vibrant you once and for all!

6 Weeks to Diet Freedom

Change your food and create a lifestyle that supports you in staying on track

Have you ever said to yourself:

“I don’t have enough time”

“I don’t know how to stay consistent.”

“I just want to focus on my life instead of constantly dieting”
— If so, I want to help you.

Here's what Ann Garrett said

Peg Doyle has helped me change my eating habits and the way I understand food. She is a positive and supportive counselor in food and health. She encourages you to eat! It is so refreshing hear the word DO and not the word DON’T! Her program gives practical ways to overcome poor habits - like eating in front of the TV. I feel healthy and have lost weight while enjoying food again.

6 Weeks Program Summer 2018


When does it start?    open enrollment

This revolutionary system is now designed to let you decide the best time to start.  You identify a six week block of time when you can make  changing your food for the better a top priority.  Say good-bye to dieting and get a step by step program that works no matter how busy you are. With 6 Weeks you won’t be counting calories. You get the right food combinations and access to lifestyle habits that end self-sabotage. You get unlimited support from beginning to end. You receive all the key elements of my indiviual program in a convenient format at a fraction of private coaching fees. 

Online access to 6 learning modules, uploaded weekly, designed to build your foundation, get you going, and teach you to maintain over the long term.  

During this 6 week program you will…

    •    Build an action plan that makes healthy eating work in your life

    •    Learn to distinguish healthy food from foods that are “hyped” as easy and fast

    •    Tap into your mindset so you can let go of limiting beliefs and habits

    •    Discover what’s been holding you back from taking care of yourself and learn to say yes to you and no to the things that hold you back

    •    Learn techniques to lower your stress and learn why stress is an obstacle to weight loss 

    •    Take what you learn in 6 weeks and make it a way of life


You'll  have access to a weekly coaching call with me to review your progress, field your questions and keep you on track.  My years of experience helps you to make a complex life change easy and obvious. All calls are recorded if you can't make the live call. 

You get to keep dozens of downloadable pdf's, packed with the resources, guidance and practical tools you need to succeed:

  • Topic Examples: Uncover Your Habits and Patterns, Understand the Role of Stress in Weight Gain, Tune in to Hunger & Satiety Signals, Mindfulness and Eating.

  • Tools: Goal Setting Worksheets, Simple How-to Recipes, Weekly Meal Planners, and more!

  • Tap the buy now button to find multiple bonus items that are included at no extra charge for a limited time.

what you are saying about six weeks

This is the first time I have never said  ‘I need to lose 30 lbs’ or set unrealistic goals.  I am being mindful.    Baby steps.   I feel no pressure of dieting.  Nothing seems to have a negative connotation with all the resources that have been given to me during my time working with you during this 6 wk program. 
— Joanne Walsh, Retired Nurse
I really got a lot out of it and am continuing working with all the wonderful recipes and and great information the program provided.
I’m moving forward and Jack and I are keeping up with stocking up on the healthy food choices.  We’re making.and enjoying soups (Thai chicken is a favorite) and recipes from you!  
My biggest struggles are eating out, drinking wine.
— Angie Pugliano
Peg Doyle’s 6 Weeks program helped me in a step by step way to look at the triggers for weight gain and to slow down, add healthy organic foods, become mindful about my surroundings, and she showed me how to plan and cook simple recipes.
— Kirie Santos, School Nurse
I know now that the weight loss piece is emotional and about one’s state of mind. the state of you and your life. Not about calories
— Anonymous


Identify your nutrition and lifestyle goals and schedule two 15 minute personalized calls per month. Here you have accountability without shaming. We don’t just say you went off the rails; we figure out why and learn from it. 

This program is for busy women and men who want ongoing support. Some have completed my 6 Weeks or 6 Months program and use Express Coaching to keep their health and nutrition top of mind. Others are simply looking for ongoing accountability in their eating and lifestyle. 


Cleanse programs are offered three times each year, Spring, Autumn and Post Holidays. Each includes unlimited email support, live coaching calls and various bonus items that complement the season. 

Who enrolls in a cleanse?  Anyone wishing to reconnect with their nutrition and lifestyle goals at the start of a new year or season.   Seasonal changes in light, temperature and food supply make these turning points ideal times for resetting your nutrition and activating the energy needed for the upcoming season. 


Boost Your Immune System - say goodbye to sugar

Boost Your Immune System - say goodbye to sugar

Post Holiday Cleanse

 Join us right after the holidays.b A healthy approach to nourishment isn’t exclusively high nutrient foods.  The holidays may be a time for some sweet indulgences, leading to a post-holiday desire to return to a more healthy way of eating. The main emphasis in this cleanse is detoxing from sugar to eliminate blood sugar fluctuations that lead to sugar cravings. Eat well post-holidays and protect yourself from colds and flu. Scheduled in early January.

lamb jumping.jpeg

Spring Cleanse

This cleanse supports the body, mind and spirit in transitioning into the damp, rainy windy season with emphasis on foods that clear congestion and prevent seasonal allergies. The diet shifts from winter soups and stews to lighter foods that energize and clear mucous while moisturizing the skin. Once enrolled you will receive a gift package filled with Spring related medicinal teas, menus and recipes and personal care practices and suggestions to make the cleanse easy and enjoyable. There is a brief optional fast built in for those who want to lose weight along with transitioning to warm weather foods. Press the button below and sign up for the 2019 Cleanse

Autumn Cleanse begins November 1, 2019

This cleanse is the start of a building process to prepare for colder months ahead. Focus shifts inward with the shortened daylight hours and foods are immune building in nature. Stay tuned for 2019 start date.