Spring Cleanse Shopping List

 Spring Cleanse Shopping List

If you have any medical issues you should always check with yourhealth care professionals before undertaking any radical change in your diet. 

The following foods are seasonal and are best recommended for Spring cleansing.  Choose the ones you like best and eat them often.  Buy organic whenever you can for the cleanse; after that, if you want to buy some conventional foods, refer to ewg.org and their dirty dozen for a list of foods that are best eaten organic and those that are acceptable as conventional


Artichokes                        Avocados

Asparagus                        Beets

Broccoli                            Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage                          Carrots

Celery                              Collard Greens

Dandelion Greens            Fennel

Garlic                               Ginger

Green Beans                    Kale

Kelp, Dulce (sea vegetables)

Leeks                               Mushrooms                

Mustard Greens               Onions

Peas                                 Parsnips

Sauerkraut                       Spinach                    

Swiss Chard                     Sweet potatoes                



Apples                        Blueberries

Grapefruit                   Lemons

Limes                          Mango

Papaya                        Pears

Pomegranates             Strawberries  All Berries


mung beans (yellow dal)

basmati rice

(best to wait until week 2)

Adzuki                        Garbanzo

Kidney                        Lentils

Lima                            Split Pea

Grains (in week 2)

Amaranth                    Brown Rice

Bulghur                       Millet


Oils & Vinegars

Coconut Oil                     Olive Oil (in moderation)

Ghee (in moderation) Indian grocery store

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar


Nuts and Seeds (go easy on these; more for winter)

Flax Seeds                            Chia Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds                    Sesame seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Spices and Herbs

Black Pepper                    Cardamom

Cayenne                           Cinnamon

Cilantro (fresh)                Coriander

Cumin                              Fennel

Ginger (fresh and dried) Nettles

Turmeric (fresh and dried)


Almond Milk (unsweetened, use sparingly) (Califia)

Coconut Milk (use sparingly)


Raw Honey

Herbal Teas

hibiscus                          chicory

cinnamon                       dandelion 

jasmine                          lemon balm 

lemon grass                   peppermint