What people are saying about Peg:

“Peg Doyle is a caring, professional wellness coach, with years of experience. In our time together, she has not only taught me how to lose weight in a healthy way, but how to keep that weight off for the rest of my life. In addition to that expert nutritional counseling, Peg has shown me how to love, respect and care for my body in ways that support good health and ongoing wellness.
She is an incredible resource for anyone looking to live a healthier, happier life.”
— Wendy Leeds
I have made great strides this year with your help and support. Losing 30 pounds over a six month period, without starving or depriving myself but learning better ways to eat, makes me very proud and happy.
— Lynda B., age 48
Working with Peg has greatly enhanced and solidified my foundation for life work and self care. Her presentation and knowledge of holistic health care applied to all aspects of life wrapped a beautiful ribbon around the parts and made me ever mindful of the whole.  If you are considering doing this work and are seeking a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate practitioner you will find these qualities in Peg.
— Barbara Allen
Full of grace, wisdom, kind understanding, oasis of peacefulness. She thinks about things I say, and my work makes the person want to change for own selves, not external pressure. You put this in my lap with love and support.
— Pam Larsen
I’ve begun to notice that my blood sugar escalates when I am stressed and by relaxing through breathwork I am able to lower it. With Type II diabetes, this is important.
— Kelly K. age 49
This is very different from my past experiences with a nutritionist. Then it was about calories. Now it’s about me.
— Stephanie G.