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What is 6 Weeks to diet freedom?

This revolutionary system is designed to put you in charge of your food, your life and your wellness. It puts an end to dieting and gives you a step by step program that works no matter how busy you are.

With 6 Weeks you won’t be counting calories. You get the right food combinations and access to lifestyle habits that end self-sabotage. You get unlimited support from beginning to end from me personally! 

You receive all the key elements of my indiviual program in a convenient format at a fraction of private coaching fees. 

You receive online access to 6 learning modules, uploaded weekly, designed to build your foundation, get you going, and teach you to maintain over the long term.  


    •    Build an action plan that makes healthy eating work in your life

    •    Learn to distinguish healthy food from foods that are “hyped” as easy and fast

    •    Tap into your mindset so you can let go of limiting beliefs and habits

    •    Discover what’s been holding you back from taking care of yourself and learn to say yes to you and no to the things that hold you back

    •    Learn techniques to lower your stress and learn why stress is an obstacle to weight loss 

    •    Take what you learn in 6 weeks and make it a way of life

You'll  have  a weekly coaching call with me to review your progress, have your questions answered and keep you on track.  My 20 years of experience helps you to make a complex life change easy and obvious. All calls are recorded if you can't make the live call. 

You get to keep dozens of downloadable pdf's, packed with the resources, guidance and practical tools you need to succeed:

  • Topic Examples: Uncover Your Habits and Patterns, Understand the Role of Stress in Weight Gain, Tune in to Hunger & Satiety Signals, Mindfulness and Eating. 
  • Tools: Goal Setting Worksheets, Simple How-to Recipes, Weekly Meal Planners, and more! 
  • Tap the buy now button to find multiple bonus items that are included at no extra charge for a limited time. 

Are you ready to make a major shift in the way you think about food?  It's Easy! It's Fun! It's Life-Changing!

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